Hidden Gems from the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum (TIEM)

The Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum formerly known as Ibrahim Pasha Palace was restored by Suleiman the Magnificent and gifted to the Grand Vizier Ibrahim Pasha. The Museum building is one of the earliest surviving palace buildings, dating back to 15th century. TIEM is the first museum to showcase Turkish and Islamic arts together and is famous for having the best rug collection in the world. The masterpieces among the rugs are rare pieces that cannot be found elsewhere. During ICOC XV, unseen pieces selected from TIEM inventory including rugs and fragments will be displayed at the museum.

The Splendid Topkapi Palace Collection...

The Topkapi Palace, was built right after İstanbul’s conquest and is a treasure of the Ottomanperiod. The secrets of the Harem, the textiles and the lives of Sultans were the main subjects ofmany stories. The invaluable Topkapi Carpet collection will be presented during ICOC XV to createan unforgettable experience for the visitors.

Kilims and Flatweaves from Private Collections at the Historical Tophane-i Amire Rooms...

A rich collection of flatweaves belonging to private collectors will be showcased at the 15th Century Tophane-i Amire. Tophane was built for the Ottoman fleet and is now used as an art and exhibition center. The historic architecture of the building creates a prefect ambiance for displaying kilims. Kilims, flatweaves and other small objects will be on show to show the variety of techniques under many centuries.

Exhibitions in Istanbul Private Showrooms...

Other planned exhibitions will be announced to be soon…

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