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15th International Conference on Oriental Carpets...

The theme of XV th ICOC is “Oriental Carpet Studies 2024: The Past and Future of Carpet Weaving and Collecting”, focusing on two main areas: “Historical Carpets and Textiles” and “Contemporary Art, Design and New Production”. 

76 proposals arrived from 20 countries and 4 continents with diversified subjects. Academic Committee undertakes an important job to find a balance between history and new topics. After a month of hard work, the Committee led to select 26 presentations plus a keynote lecture by Prof. Walter Denny. The sessions will continue for two days on 7th and 8th of June 2024. 
The opening session on 6th of June will be hold by the renowned scholar Prof. Walter Denny with the topic ‘Conservation and New Technological Frontiers in Carpet Study’. The closing panel, ‘The Future of Tradition’ will run by Reyhan Polat focuses on innovative system of carpet presentations in museums, the use of AI in creating new designs and patterns and the ultimate practices of weaving and natural dyeing.
Other sessions will cover more traditional fields of ICOC Conferences like Anatolian Carpets from Seljuk and Ottoman periods, Central tribal Asian weavings and felts, archaeological findings, new museum collections and technical aspects of carpet weaving structures. 
There are some new facts on15th version compared to previous ICOC conferences. Many proposals came from young professionals in the field and also carpet producing companies. Also renowned professors and scholars in the field applied for the conference. A rich content is awaiting you in Istanbul, come and join us in June! 

ICOC-XV Academic Committee members: Alberto Boralevi, Chair (Italy), Udo Hirsch (Türkiye and Germany), Reyhan Polat (Türkiye). Wendel Swan (USA), Ali Riza Tuna (Switzerland), Markus Voigt (Germany).

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